Sam Cannarozzi

conteur - storyteller

Stuttgart  Int'l Storytelling Festival  2008


The Yeelen Storytelling Festival in Bobodialasso, Burkina Faso

We may be badly made, but were not finished yet; and its the adventure of making changes and changing ourselves which makes this flicker in the history of the universe that we are, this fleeting warmth between two glaciers, worthwhile.

- Eduardo Galeano



Voice, Body and Object

Three levels :

a/ initiation

b/ advanced

c/ performance

Starting from a base in which the Teller will use his/her entire person in the service of story, exercices and games involving the voice-as-image, sign languages of the world and a playful approach to props for stories will be proposed.

For librairians, teachers, storytelling guilds and amateur or semi-professional tellers.

January 30 2015 10:33