Sam Cannarozzi

conteur - storyteller

The Braga Storytelling Festival, Portugal

The fairy tale has no place of birth ; it nests like a bird in the minds of people, like a butterfly in a cocoon gaining strength to go further. It could fly forever, wandering from person to person, from one language and nation to another. And we have no inkling whatsoever why it picks you, how it makes up its mind who would tell and live it. We can only give it the freedom to come and go, and our mind to muse and change.

Blessèd be the one who unlocks an iron door to let a fairy tale in ; blessèd be the one who lets a fairy-tale out to wander.

Long life to them all !

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MAYBE, MAYBE NOT What do you get when you juggle scenes from the Hindu Mahabhrata, a Catalonian tale, a story from the Soninké people of Mali and yet another of Celto-Viking heritage? Sam Cannarozzi's latest show, of course!


from the performance-


(Amerindian stories in the sign language of the Plains)

Sam Cannarozzi came to storytelling through gesture. This bi-lingual performance, spoken as well as signed, has been performed in different forms since 1977 and continues to be programmed all over Europe. Tales of Coyote, Bear and Raven with a fire myth painted in pictograms on cowhide.


S.C. / is well known for his visual and especially gestural approach to storytelling (Stringeries and Words for Folding) using origami and string figures to tell stories. These two performances remain in repertory but only in the form of excerpts in the show When Tigers Smoked Pipes



A trip around the world from Mali and all the way to Estonia without ever leaving your seat. Stories using origami, string figures, sign language and rhythms - a show with a little bit of everything from Sam Cannarozzi's many faceted repertory.



A poor couple cannot have any children. In searching for a solution the husband meets Jaffar, himself in search of wisdom. And so begins a quest in the Orient of story. Arab North Africa as well as Pakistan step up to meet you. But be careful: Genies!



A stroll though the forests and woods of North America, China, Europe and Asia, with an ear to leaves, branches and roots in order to listen to the Celtic Litany of the Trees, the Cad Goddeu or a Druid's riddle. The enticing voice of a Hamadryad you can bite into like an apple.



(The Story of Stories)

In Italian and English, inspired from a work by the same name by Giambatista Basile - Italian tales in the style of Italo Calvino where you will meet Giuffà, the Sicilian Nasrudin, and the Princess Zoza in search of her Prince Tadio. From North to South, here is an Italy that you can savor like a good glass of chianti.



A multi-lingual show in which you will not only hear stories from different European storytelling traditions, but also the languages they were first told in - Italian, German, Danish, French, English and even a Romanian folksong. Come and listen to stories in their original tongues



In Catalonia they are called 'Lepes' in Finland 'Hömöläiset', in Norway the Voss or in Picardy,' the Moonfishers'. Stories of the foolish people from all over to tickle your noodle. Et don't forget, "In the kingdom of the deaf, the one-eyed man is king!"

(A command performance by the European Union Project "THE BLUE SACK")



Here is a performance you can put directly into your plate. Each story is accompagnied by a taste or flavor prepared and offered by the Storyteller. The words come out of his mouth, and you taste them with yours.



Sadok Jabou has just foolishly banished the woman he adores. The Three Princes of Serendip suggest that to remedy the situation, he build seven castles in the colors of the rainbow. In each castle a story awaits that will help him find his lost love.

(Command performance by the regional Cultural Offices of Rhône-Alpes County, France)



drop drop drop ... Hop !

Coqk the toad visits Tien the Sky because of a great drought; a tiny serpent is transformed into a rainbow over the Great Plains; to marry Lion's daughter, the task is to cut up the river into snippets and bind them together - these as well as other stories invite the audience for a promenade over the waters of the earth and upon the great Kathésaritsegara, the great Ocean of Story ....



An evening of riddles and riddle stories from all over. Sometimes sung, or whose answers are shown as small objects pulled from a sack. Savor the enigma's great poetic wisdom recounted and resolved in several tongues.



Who has never been tempted once in his or her life to get a tattoo ...

But there are tattoos, and then there are tattoos. Inspired by Jim Hays' "The Ethiopian Tattoo Shoppe", an evening of story where you will meet a Chinese kite master, a carnaval worker and even a cowboy each searching for his identity.



This show uses four oracles - the I-Ching (east), Runes (north), Geomancy (south) and the Tarot (west) - with the audience in order to choose what stories are to be told, which to be listened to. Rich in imagery, a solo performance or for several tellers and musicians.



Death didn't know with whom she would be dealing when arriving one day to take away a blacksmith to her kingdom. But as they both were seasoned tellers, they succeed very well, with just a few stories, so that words enflame themselves or cascade through our imagination.



Welcome to South America - where nuggets of gold are the drops of sweat of the gods; and where jade is as precious as diamonds and saphires. It is the Gardians of the Day, the storytellers who recount these tales that have travelled across the centuries to us on the back of the Jaguar!

Come and listen to professional storyteller Sam Cannarozzi who will introduce you to the rainbow serpent; the moon's two wives; vengeful mosquitos; and the tree of life and death, all characters from the astounding cultures of South America.

A family performance foraudiences 7 years and older


THE STORK and THE TIGER, RICE and BAMBOO (stories of Asian peoples) Come and walk the jungles, follow the deltas, climb mounts ou wade through the rice paddies and taste the riches of Asian storytales - Vietnam, Burma, Japon, China and more ....

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