Sam Cannarozzi

conteur - storyteller

Braga, Portugal


Inspired by the Swedish young people's novel "Nils Holgersson", Sam Cannarozzi, accompagnied by the Living Music Ensemble of Lyons, France, will follow Nils on the back of a goose to learn the language of animals, but also stories and sounds from Provence to Burma.

(An electro-acoustic tale with visual effects) IN FRENCH



(choregraphy J-C Bacconnier / dance S. Jaganathan

A story teller and a dancer blend chosen tales on the theme of water from Vietnam, Africa and the Americas. A gesture becomes à word, a riddle introduces a dance. A performance as much for the eye as for the ear. IN FRENCH

(Selected especially for 'Saisons Culturelles' by the art offices of Rhône-Alpes County, France.)

May 11 2021 14:53