Sam Cannarozzi

conteur - storyteller

2018 - 2019

A professional teller for over thirty-five years, I work across France from Lyon where I'm based to different counties around the country as well as to the French capital. I also tour throughout Europe.

I travel by car, train and plane because the modern troubadour teller is obliged to adapt to every situation insuring the quality of his or her art.

The Old - - -

As of spring 2017, I have been frequently on the move outside Europe to different festivals/

Oran, Algeria - Mardin Turkey - Djeddah, Saudi Arrabia ...

The New - - -

I will once more attended FEST, Europe's annual gathering of professional storytellers and storytelling organisations from over 20 countries of the European Union, held this year in Ljubliana, Slovenia

28-30 June.

And the Senegalese storyteller Zoumba has invited me along with other European storytellers to Zagora, Morocco on the edge of the Sahara in the fall. Dubai is also on the horizon in 2019 and a longer stint in Laos for 2020

Hoping then to see you somewhere on the story roads of Europe and the world!

(For a complete calendar including French engagements, go to 'Calendrier' in the French version of this site.)

August 26 2018 1:04